2017 Highlights

 Legislative Advocacy

During the 2017 Iowa legislative session, Steve lobbied on behalf of the Iowa Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, whose mission is to “support the optimal health of children by addressing the needs of children, their families, their communities, and their health care providers.” Steve advocated on a wide range of child health and safety issues, including gun safety, immunizations, family support, access to care, fireworks sales, and drug-affected children. Here’s a summary of this activity.


Policy Analysis

Scott Advocacy has developed two resources to help inform discussions and debate concerning child welfare reform in Iowa – prompted by two high-profile, teen abuse deaths. First, Looking at Iowa’s Child Welfare Data to Inform Policy Choices uses Iowa Department of Human Services data to analyze reports and assessments of child abuse, the number of types of abuse, county-specific figures, and child welfare services and costs. The paper raises concerns about whether Iowa has committed sufficient resources to protect its children and reduce further abuse.


Second, drawing on the paper’s research, a PowerPoint presentation reviews Iowa child abuse trends and challenges to inform discussions on how to respond at the state and local levels. The presentation has extensive notes and can be customized to include county-specific data. Assistance with customization is available at a modest cost.


Steve prepared a Letter of Intent and full proposal for a $245,000 national grant to support the work of Healthy Homes Des Moines to address environmental hazards affecting childhood asthma.